MBTA Prepares for Boston’s Fourth of July Celebration with Free Rides after 9:30 PM, Expanded Service, Staffing, and Safety Protocols | News (2024)

Updated July 2, 2024*

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) today announced that fares will again be free this year on bus, subway, ferry, Commuter Rail, and RIDE transportation on Thursday, July 4, 2024, after 9:30 PM. Boston is regularly predicted to host over a million visitors for the July 4 holiday. To accommodate increased ridership, the MBTA is encouraging travelers to plan their commute in advance and reminding riders of its holiday service schedules. The public is encouraged to take public transportation to and from the 2024 Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular at the DCR Hatch Shell on the Esplanade in Boston and to other holiday events. The MBTA’s July 4 service schedules continue to be available at mbta.com/holidays.

With many people expected to attend July 4 festivities this year, the MBTA also encourages the public to help maintain a safe and family-friendly environment while riding the T. Additional MBTA staff, Transit Ambassadors, Keolis personnel, and Transit Police will be deployed throughout the system to assist with safety, wayfinding, boarding, paying for fares, and schedule information.

“All of us here at the MBTA are committed to our role serving communities and ensuring that we allow the public the ability to rely on public transportation for work, family, friends, and play. Here in Boston, the Independence Day celebrations add to the excitement and fun whether you're attending July 4 parties, barbeques, or other celebrations including the fireworks display over the Boston Harbor,” said MBTA General Manager and CEO Phillip Eng. “Our dedicated workforce takes great pride in planning and preparing so on these special days we can deliver the level of enhanced service and safety measures that our riders deserve and expect getting everyone to their destinations safely. We hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth of July.”

July 4 Service Information

  • Subway: The Red, Orange, Blue, and Green lines will operate a modified Saturday schedule until 3 PM. After 3 PM, all lines will operate a regular weekday schedule. 
  • Bus and Silver Line: All routes will operate a Sunday schedule.
  • Commuter Rail: All lines will operate a weekend schedule.
    • Passengers should note, as most Commuter Rail trains already depart between 11:30 PM and midnight, the majority of the last trains of the evening will leave North Station and South Station at their advertised times or up to 30 minutes after the close of the fireworks if needed.
    • The last Worcester Line and the last Newburyport Line trains will depart at 11:30 PM.
    • The last Needham Line train will leave South Station at 10:15 PM.
    • The last Greenbush Line train will depart South Station at 11:20 PM.
    • Passengers will also be able to board trains at Back Bay station.
    • Keolis Customer Service agents will be present at North, South, and Back Bay stations to support passengers.
    • Passengers should note that the last train of the evening on the Newburyport/Rockport branch is a Rockport train.
    • Passengers are encouraged to purchase the MBTA's special $10 Holiday Pass for unlimited travel throughout the day on July 4.
  • The RIDE: All RIDE services will operate a Sunday schedule. 
  • Ferry:
    • The Hingham/Hull/Logan Ferry will run on a Saturday schedule.
    • The Charlestown Ferry will run on a weekend schedule.
    • The East Boston Ferry will run on a weekend schedule.
    • The Lynn Ferry will run on a weekend schedule.
    • The Winthrop/Quincy Ferry will not operate.
  • The CharlieCard Store will be closed on Thursday, July 4. 

Enhanced Security Measures and Safety Tips for Riders

The MBTA Transit Police Department will have an enhanced presence throughout the system to respond to any incidents.

To report an emergency, dial 911 or call the MBTA Transit Police Department at 617-222-1212. Riders are reminded that emergencies can also be reported anonymously with the SeeSay app on iPhone or Android device. The SeeSay app is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and riders can expect a response within a few minutes of a report.

The MBTA stresses the importance of celebrating responsibly on public transit. Vandalism and disorderly conduct can create safety hazards, delays, and additional cleaning costs—which can divert valuable resources away from essential maintenance services and improvements that benefit all riders.

*The Commuter Rail section above has been edited to include updated last train information and remind passengers of the $10 Holiday Pass.

More Information

Media Contact Information

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MBTA Prepares for Boston’s Fourth of July Celebration with Free Rides after 9:30 PM, Expanded Service, Staffing, and Safety Protocols | News (2024)
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